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10 Continuous Provision Ideas for an Awesome Autumn

Updated: Jun 27

Say hello to crisp cool days and autumn enhancements! Have you kitted out your continuous provision with all things autumn or are you in need of some inspiration? Check out these 10 continuous provision ideas for EYFS and KS1! If you're short on time and too busy to create resources for your continuous provision, download your free 8-page autumn roll and cover activity here!

Picture of hedgehog art, conkers and autumn leaves.
Image from Oldiefan at Pixabay

English Activities for Autumn Continuous Provision

Loose Part Letters

Write your focus letters on A4 pieces of card. Grab as many autumn items as you can, such as conkers, pinecones, acorns, leaves and twigs. You can also include other red, yellow, orange and brown loose parts*, for example pom poms and feathers. Children cover the letter with the loose parts, talking about the sound which the letter makes and also the shape of it.

Autumn loose parts letters for phonics provision.
Autumn Loose Part Letters

Autumn Writing

Your class will love these Autumn themed writing mats. They’re great for encouraging children to write simple phrases and sentences. Perfect for guided writing or continuous provision! Whether children are at the emergent writing stage or able to write simple phrases and sentences, these mats are sure to be a hit in your writing area! Just place them inside dry erase sleeve pockets* so that they can be used again and again!

Autumn themed picture writing mats for children.
Seasonal Writing Mats

Tricky Word Shake and Read

Here's a fun one for your phonics continuous provision. Divide the inside of a box up into a grid. Write a tricky word in each space. Shake a pinecone or conker inside the box, open the lid and read the word which it lands on! Children might want to have a go at writing the word too, so leave a whiteboard and pen out with the activity. If you want to reuse your shake and read box, just write your words on paper or card grids. That way, you can alternate which words are inside the box!

Conker Sound Buttons

This is an autumnal take on the phonics sound buttons activity. Instead of drawing a sound button, place a small conker underneath each sound in the word. Children should press the conkers, say the sounds and then blend them together to read the word!

Phonics sound buttons using conkers for autumn.
Why draw sound buttons when you can use conkers!

Maths Activities for Autumn Continuous Provision

Autumn Addition and Subtraction

These autumn-themed addition and subtraction games will be a huge hit with your class! Simply print them out, place inside dry-erase sleeve pockets, grab some playing pieces and go. Children could use conkers and five frames to help them with the calculations.

Autumn addition and subtraction to 5 games.
Autumn Themed Board Games

Autumn Number Jigsaws

From pumpkins to toadstools, umbrellas to squirrels - your class are bound to love these autumnal picture puzzles! You're going to love them too, as they're differentiated, with number puzzles from 1-3 all the way up to 1-20! Even better, they come in black and white as well as colour.

Autumn-themed number picture puzzles.
Learning numbers through play!

Leaf Count and Clip

Another quick and simple set up for your maths continuous provision. Collect some autumn leaves and write a number on each one. Children clip the correct number of pegs to each leaf. Alternatively, they could place the correct amount of conkers on the leaves.

Numbered leaves with the corresponding number of pegs clipped to them.
Count and Clip Leaves

Autumn Counting Cut and Stick

You just need to print and go with this seasonal activity. Children cut and stick the numeral with the corresponding amount of cute autumn pictures. The perfect low-prep activity for your continuous provision!

Cut and stick counting activity sheet for autumn.
Cut, Stick and Colour!

Fine Motor Activities for Autumn Continuous Provision


These cut little hedgehogs are easy to make. Mould some playdough into the shape of a hedgehog and add a button nose and googly eyes. Your class can add matchsticks for the spikes. They then remove the spikes using a peg or tweezers. How's that for an autumn fine-motor workout!

Fine motor hedgehog activity.
Give those little fingers a workout!

Autumn Loose Parts

Take your class out on an autumn walk. Talk about the sights and sounds whilst gathering autumn treasures. Add autumn-coloured ribbons, scarves, pom poms, lolly sticks and more. Children can then let their imaginations run wild as they create their own art, practise counting or tell stories using the loose parts.

Loose parts/tinker tray with an autumn theme.
Inspire children with these beautiful autumn loose parts!

What Next?

If you're short on time and too busy to create resources for your continuous provision, download your 8-page autumn roll and cover activity here!

Many of these autumn activities can be bought right here in my shop.

From number games to phonics resources, loose parts to books - visit the No Worksheets Allowed Amazon page* now!

*As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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