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10 Continuous Provision Ideas for Winter

Updated: Mar 1

Winter is a magical time in the classroom, especially when it comes to continuous provision. This time of year provides endless opportunities for children to explore the natural world, learn about seasonal changes and to develop their creativity and imagination. These 10 inspiring activities will spark the curiosity of every child!

1. Winter Wonderland

Winter small world set up for continuous provision

One way to incorporate winter into your continuous provision is to set up a winter wonderland small world area. You can use fake snow, pinecones, loose parts, cotton wool balls and small toy animals and people to create a snowy landscape for your class to explore. By doing so, you will encourage children to use their imaginations and engage in imaginative play.

2. Science Experiments

Ice cubes for winter science experiment

Winter is a great time to introduce science

experiments. For example, you can teach children about the properties of ice by setting up an ice-melting experiment. Fill a container with ice cubes and encourage children to observe what happens over time. Ask the children to predict what will happen if you move the container near to a radiator or put it outside.

3. Arts and Crafts

Paints for winter art activity

Don’t forget about art and craft activities! Winter is the perfect time to explore a range of art materials and create winter-themed artwork. You can use colour mixing to create a winter scene, make a snowy image using white chalk and black paper or design winter landscape collages using torn paper and glue.

4. Elves Workshop

Elf workshop activity showing an elf holding a present

An Elves Workshop is another great activity to add to your winter-themed classroom. You can set up a workshop area where children explore, create and make gifts for their family and friends. You can include materials such as wrapping paper, ribbons, tape and scissors, as well as small toys for children to use as gifts. This activity can help children develop their fine motor skills, creativity and social skills.

5. Home Corner

Cosy items for a winter home corner

A winter-themed home corner is a lovely way to incorporate the season into your continuous provision. You can set up a cosy area with blankets, cushions and fairy lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can also include winter-themed books, such as stories about snowmen or winter animals, to encourage children to read and explore the world around them. Finally, put out some winter writing mats or black paper and white chalk to encourage children to write about the season.

6. Winter Maths Games and Activities

Maths Christmas counting clip cards

These winter-themed addition and subtraction games will be a huge hit with your class! Simply print them out, place them inside reusable pockets, grab some playing pieces and go. Children will also love putting together winter and Christmas-themed number puzzles. They can practise sequencing numbers up to 20 alone or with friends. If your pupils need some extra counting practice, these winter clip cards will be another popular activity! Your class will use pegs to clip the correct number of images on each card. Counting winter-themed loose parts with the help of a tens-frame is another fun activity for you to add to your continuous provision!

7. Playdough Snowmen

Items to add to a playdough snowman activity

Winter malleable activities are a great way to encourage children to explore different textures and materials while also learning about the season. Provide children with white playdough and various materials such as buttons, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes to create their own snowmen. Encourage them to use their imaginations and creativity to build unique snowmen. Overall, winter malleable activities can help children develop their fine motor skills, creativity and sensory awareness.

8. Build a Winter Village

Blocks to make a winter village in the construction area

Winter construction activities are a great way to engage children in hands-on learning experiences. Encourage children to work together to build a winter village using blocks, cardboard boxes and other materials. They can create houses, shops, and other buildings and decorate them with winter-themed decorations such as snowflakes and icicles.

9. Ice Sculptures

Continuous provision activity where children create an ice sculpture

Fill large containers with water and leave them outside or in the freezer overnight. Once the ice blocks are frozen, bring them into the classroom and provide children with tools such as chisels and hammers to create their own ice sculptures! This activity can help children develop their fine motor skills and creativity.

10. Winter Animal Habitats

Children’s activity to create a winter habitat for animals

Encourage children to create habitats outdoors for winter animals, using natural materials such as twigs, leaves, and pinecones. They can create shelters for squirrels, rabbits, and birds and decorate them with winter-themed decorations. This activity can help children develop their knowledge of the natural world.

Overall, incorporating winter into your continuous provision is a great way to keep your pupils engaged and learning throughout the season. By choosing activities that are fun, creative, and educational, you can help children develop their skills and knowledge in a meaningful and enjoyable way!

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