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5 Irresistible Activities for Phase 5 Phonics

Updated: Jun 25

Phase 5 phonics is typically taught throughout Year 1 of primary school in the UK. It builds on the foundation laid in the earlier phonics phases and introduces a range of new phonemes and graphemes, as well as more complex spelling patterns.

What is taught in phase 5 phonics?

One of the key aspects of Phase 5 phonics is the introduction of alternative spellings for the sounds that children have already learned. For example, they might learn that the sound /ai/ can be spelt as "ai" (as in rain), "ay" (as in play) and "a-e" (as in cake). Children also learn about split digraphs, such as "i-e" (as in mine). They are taught to recognise these sounds in words and to spell them. Phase 5 phonics also includes a list of irregular (tricky) words, such as "oh", "people", and "Mr", which cannot be decoded using phonics rules alone.

5 tips for teaching phase 5 phonics

Here are some handy tips for teaching phase 5 phonics:

  1. Teach phonics regularly: It's important to practise phonics skills on a daily basis. Children need to hear and see the sounds and words repeatedly in order to remember them.

  2. Make it fun: Keeping phonics activities engaging and fun is crucial. Incorporate games, songs and hands-on activities to make learning phonics enjoyable for children.

  3. Use a variety of resources: There are many resources available to help teach phonics, including books, flashcards and online games. Use a variety of resources to keep children interested and motivated.

  4. Encourage reading: Encourage children to read as much as possible. Reading helps children to practise their phonics skills and to recognise words in context.

  5. Be patient: Remember, every child learns phonics at their own pace!

5 fun activities for phase 5 phonics

As a parent or teacher, it can be challenging to come up with fun and engaging activities to help children practise these skills. Here are some ideas for phase 5 phonics activities:

phase 5 phonics activity for children in year one
  1. Fly Swat - Children splat the fly that shows a specific phase 5 sound or high-frequency word. This is the perfect low-prep activity for your phonics continuous provision! Just laminate for longevity. TIP: If you don't have any fly swatters, you can easily make some out of cardboard!

phase 5 phonics tricky/irregular word watches

2. Tricky Word Watches - Children will learn to read the phase 5 tricky/irregular words with this FUN phonics activity! They should cut their watch out and then wear it for the day. An engaging way to get children excited about phonics!

phase 5 phonics games and activities pack

3. High-Frequency Word Games and Activities - This activity pack is ideal for teaching the 25 phase 5 phonics high-frequency words (decodable and tricky words). Simply laminate, cut out and have fun! The games and activities could be used with small groups, for intervention work or even sent as homework.

phase 5 phonics flashcards

4. Phonics Flashcards - These stunning nature-themed flashcards include the phase 5 phonics sounds and high-frequency words. They are provided with three or four cards per page and have a beautiful natural design. They're deal for displays or use with the whole class, groups or individuals. You could provide children with a variety of words and ask them to sort them into different categories based on their spelling patterns or phonemes.

free phase 5 phonics carpark mats activity for children

5. Free Phonics Carpark Mats - Children will learn to recognise phase 5 phonics sounds and words as they park their toy cars. They won't even realise that they're learning! This free activity is perfect for home or school and will be a real hit with car fans.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Remember, the key to successful phonics activities is to keep them fun and engaging for children.

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