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5 Teacher Side Hustles

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Have you ever thought about making extra money through a teacher side hustle? Imagine having an additional income each month or even earning enough to eventually leave teaching. If you want to discover more, then here are 5 ways to get started:


1. TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers)

This is a fab teacher side hustle! It can take a while to earn traction, but you can earn some serious money by selling on TPT. I've personally sold thousands of resources and have over a thousand reviews. Don't just take my word for it, have a look at my No Worksheets Allowed TPT store! Teachers worldwide sell their lesson plans, worksheets and digital resources through this popular marketplace. You'll need to polish your products, create covers and write a description, but why not make some money from your tried and tested resources? Visit TPT University for more information about creating and posting products, marketing, copyright, etc.


2. Amazon KDP

Have you always wanted to write a book but worry that it will never get published? Self-publish it then and become an author today! Check out my Amazon author page to see my collection of books. You can sell eBooks and paperbacks for free through Amazon KDP and the process is relatively easy. Whether it's a novel, a children's book or a workbook, just upload your work and it will be printed on demand when someone buys it! Your printing costs will be subtracted from your royalties, meaning there are no upfront costs for you. What's more, you'll earn up to 70% royalty on sales and can set the price of your book yourself. Visit KDP Help Centre to learn more and to decide if this is the side hustle for you.


3. Etsy Teacher Side Hustle

Etsy is a well-known marketplace where you can sell your handmade goods, vintage items, craft supplies and digital downloads. If you've got a hobby that you think you could earn some money from, then Etsy has a huge audience of buyers just waiting to snap up your goods! Digital downloads, in particular, are a great way to make money from home and have few upfront costs or inventory issues.


4. Tutoring

Tutoring is an obvious way for teachers to make some extra money. Did you know that you can either tutor in person, or you can tutor online from the comfort of your own home? If you choose the former option, you can join a company or set up on your own. To tutor online, there are several different routes. For example, MyTutor offers one-to-one online tuition from KS2 to GCSE and A-Level. All you'll need is a laptop and Wi-Fi. You could also work around your busy schedule by providing courses for adults. If you like to be flexible and want to share your knowledge of travel, fitness, IT, make-up, etc. (the list is endless!), then Teachable or Udemy might be the perfect way for you to earn a passive income. Simply plan your curriculum, record and upload your video, and then launch your course!


5. Second-Hand Items

Why not sell your unwanted stuff online? Clothes, books, furniture and games are always popular choices with buyers and it's a great way for you to off-load your clutter! There are many second-hand online selling platforms, for example, eBay and Vinted. When selling second-hand items, you'll need to write an honest detailed description, research the right price to sell your item at and take clear photos with close-ups.


Hopefully, you've learnt some useful ways to start earning extra money. Whether you choose to start today or wait until the summer holidays is up to you! Let me know how you plan to spend your extra cash and make sure that you add your ideas in the comments below!

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