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Fun Valentine's Day Activities for Children

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about planning for the big day. No need to worry though, we've got it all sorted for you! Here's a list of fun Valentine's Day activities for children to do at home or school.

Valentine's Day Picture Puzzles

Valentine's Day counting to 20 picture puzzles

Practise and review sequencing numbers to 20 with these FUN differentiated Valentine’s Day puzzles! Children should order the numbers to complete the picture. Engaging hands-on learning for your Valentine’s continuous provision! Simply print, laminate and cut along the solid lines! Alternatively, the black and white versions can be printed on paper for children to colour and then use as a cut-and-stick activity.

Valentine's Doubles Addition Activity

Valetine's Day doubles addition activity for children

Little ones will love these Valentine’s Day-themed activity cards for learning doubles to 10+10! Children will use a child-safe mirror to reflect the images in the activity cards and count the doubles total. Perfect doubles facts addition fun for your math continuous provision at school or as an engaging activity to set up at home. Children will learn their doubles in no time!

Valentine's Day Writing Templates

Valentine's Day writing picture templates for children

Your class will love these Valentine's-themed picture prompt writing mats. They’re great for encouraging children to write simple phrases and sentences. Perfect for Valentine’s Day independent writing or to send as homework! With real photos and beautiful illustrations, even your most reluctant writer will be drawn to this activity!

Valentine's Day Counting Cut and Stick

Valentine's Day counting and ordering cut and stick activity for children

This is a simple yet FUN hands-on learning activity for practising counting this Valentine's Day! Children will count cute ladybirds with this maths activity. They then select and cut out the correct numbers and stick them beneath the pictures. Not only do they practise counting but also get a fine motor work out! The perfect low-prep activity for your Valentine’s continuous provision!

Valentine's Day Positive Notes Home

Valentine's Day positive notes home from teacher

These positive notes are for you to send home with your pupils. They include editable and non-editable notes in a variety of designs.  Celebrate behaviour, effort, attainment - in fact, anything you like, with these adorable Valentine’s Day-themed notes!  Children love to take these home to share with their parents!  Simply print and then write your message in the space provided.

Valentine's Counting Clip Cards

Valentine's Day counting to 10 clip cards for children

Teach your child to count and recognise numbers to 10 with this fun Valentine’s Day count and clip activity! Children should count the cute Valentine’s images and then use a clothes peg to choose the correct answer. Two versions are included, one with numerals and one with number words. Engaging hands-on learning for home or school! Simply print, laminate and cut out!

Valentine's Day Heart Craft

Valentine's Day heart craft for children

This gorgeous sun catcher is sure to brighten up any home or classroom! To make, fold a piece of thick paper in half and draw half of a heart. Cut out and then cut out the centre of the heart, leaving a 2-3cm border. Cut white tissue paper to the size of your heart and then stick in place. Next, your child can stick red and pink paper tissue squares onto the back of white tissue paper. When the heart is covered, loop a piece of ribbon and stick it to the top - now you can hang your sun catcher!

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