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Updated: Jul 9

Over the years, I've had many chats with parents of boys about reading. Initially as a teacher and then as a mum of three boys of my own. There seem to be more than a sprinkling of reluctant readers out there and it’s probably fair to say that many of us have torn our hair out at times trying to inspire a love of reading!

If you share this pain, here's a few ideas for you to try:

📚Find books which relate to their interests. Shops and libraries are full of books which appeal to all tastes and hobbies, be it Pokemon, football or dinosaurs!

📚Let your child use a finger torch/head torch/ normal torch to read. Build a den or set up a small tent for them to read in.

📚Allow them to read ‘late’ in bed as a treat: what child doesn't love being able to stay up late?!

📚Give them topics to research on the iPad/tablet. Incorporate reading into school homework by finding the answers or information using child friendly websites.

📚Try audio books: listening to books still exposes children to the language of books such as similes and adjectives.

📚Try comic style books- my 8 year old can’t stand books which only have text in them. However, he loves comic style books and devours them in a matter of days!

📚Sit and read your own books to show that YOU enjoy reading. Share your excitement for the new book which you've just got, talk about how you can't wait to read your book when you've finished work, etc.

📚Read to your child - it doesn’t matter how old they are, they'll still love to cuddle up and listen to a story!

📚Leave books lying around everywhere in the hope that they might pick one up and read it!

📚Finally, don’t give up! It’s only in the past year or so that my eight year old has found the particular kind of books which he likes.

💙I’ve created a list of recommended books for 7-11 year old boys. They are all books which my boys have (shock horror) LOVED.

🔗 Contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

🤩Share your tips below!

Image by Andre Grunden, Pixabay

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