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Updated: Jul 9

I decided to start a blog about the alternatives to worksheets due to the decline in experiential learning. The increased pressure on teachers to constantly assess and report has left precious little time for implementing a creative curriculum. Do we really want our children sitting and learning how to robotically answer questions for tests?

After 18 years of teaching in a range of schools and 3 children of my own, I know about children of different ages, different abilities and different learning styles. I know that worksheets are fine in moderation but that the real learning comes from 'doing'!

The first thing that people want to know about hands-on learning is how much preparation will it entail and how much will it cost?

Don't panic - I can help in so many ways! I can show you that hands-on learning needn't be expensive. You probably already have a huge amount of resources which can be used or adapted. I will also show you that activities can be set up just as quickly as the time it takes to copy a worksheet! After all, don't we owe it to our children: to help them to develop a love of learning and to create a positive experience of school?

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