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Children will learn to recognise the different denominations of British (U.K) coins with this sorting activity!  They should use the differentiated money mats to sort coins.  A fun and easy set up for your maths continuous provision!


10 sorting mats are included in black and white:

•Sorting Mats (sorting into 2 sets): 1p/2p, 5p/10p, 20p/50p, £1/£2

•Sorting Mats (sorting into 3 sets): 1p/2p/5p, 10p/20p/50p, 50p/£1/£2

•Sorting Mats (sorting into 4 sets): 1p/2p/5p/10p, 20p/50p/£1/£2

•Sorting Mats (sorting into 8 sets): sort all coins


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British/U.K. Coin Sorting Mats

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