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Teach your class to read and write the days of the week with these differentiated mirror activity mats!  Children use a plastic school mirror to reflect and read the days of the week.  ENGAGING learning for your continuous provision, independent or small group work!  Simply print and laminate.


The following are included:

•Days of the week reflect and read cards (2 days per sheet): children reflect the word and read it.

•Days of the week reflect, read and write mats (1 day per mat): children reflect the word, read it and then write it (the right way round!) in the box below.


I hope that you enjoy this product!  If you do, I would love to hear your feedback.  Thank you for supporting my small business! 


I love to see my resources in action, so please tag me on Instagram (@noworksheetsallowed) to show me how you use the activity!

Days of the Week Mirror Activity

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