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Seven EDITABLE games and activities for teaching spelling words.  Simply type 10 spelling words of your choice  (up to 11 letters long) into the word list at the beginning and they will automatically be inserted into every game and activity!  LOW-PREP and endless fun! 


Included are:

•Hunt the Acorns board game (colour and B+W)  – make your way around the board, spelling the words as you go!


•Word hunt activity (colour and B+W) and recording sheet - search for and read tiny words in the autumn picture, using a magnifying glass.  Spell the words in different colours on the sheet provided.


•Roll and spell game (B+W) - roll a 10-sided die and spell the word in the matching row.


•Look, say, cover, write, check (B+W) – look at the word, say the letters, write it and check it.


•Spelling spinner (B+W) -  spin the spinner, write the word in the air and then on the sheet. 


•Read and type (colour and B+W) – read the word and type it out on the keyboard.


•Read, make, spell (colour and B+W) – read the word and make it using magnetic letters.


To edit, download the PDF to your computer and then open the PDF in the latest version of Adobe Reader.  Next, click on the text boxes in ‘Your Word List’ and enter your sight words.  Only the text is editable, not the images!

Editable Spelling Games for Autumn

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