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Children will learn to compare measures with this engaging activity!  They should use the measures mats to sort objects by length, height, mass/weight, capacity and volume.  A fun and easy set up for your continuous provision!


23 sorting mats are included in colour:


•Sorting Mats (sorting into 2 sets): tall/short, long/short, big/small, heavy/light, full/empty, wide/narrow, taller/shorter, longer/shorter, bigger/smaller, heavier/lighter, fuller/emptier, wider/narrower.


•Sorting Mats (sorting into 3 sets): tall/medium/short, long/medium/short, big/medium/small, heavy/medium/light, full/half full/empty, wide/medium/narrow.


•Sorting Mats (sorting into 4 sets): shortest to tallest, shortest to longest, smallest to biggest, lightest to heaviest, empty/quarter full/half full/full.


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Measures Sorting Mats

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