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Practise and review sequencing numbers to 20 with these FUN differentiated fairytale puzzles!  Your class should order the numbers to complete the picture.  Engaging hands-on learning for your continuous provision!  Simply print on card, laminate and cut along the solid lines!  Alternatively, the black and white versions can be printed on paper for children to colour and then use as a cut and stick activity.


The following 16 puzzles are included in colour and black/white:

•Order numbers 1-3 – 2 puzzles

•Order numbers 1-5 – 2 puzzles

•Order numbers 6-10 – 2 puzzles

•Order numbers 1-10 – 2 puzzles

•Order numbers 11-15 – 2 puzzles

•Order numbers 16-20 – 2 puzzles

•Order numbers 11-20 – 2 puzzles

•Order numbers 1-20 – 2 puzzles

Numbers to 20 Fairytale Picture Puzzles


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