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Teach your class to read and write phase 2 high frequency words with this fun phonics activity!  Children should blend to read the word, cut and stick to make the word and finally write the word.  FUN hands-on learning for your literacy lessons!


The following are included in b/w:


•32 activity sheets, each containing 1 of the phase 2 high frequency words to blend, stick and write.  The tricky word activity sheets are labelled ‘read, stick and write’., as children do not yet have the phonic knowledge to be able to blend these. 


To complete the activity the children will:


1.Press the ‘sound buttons’ underneath each sound and blend to say the word.

2.Cut and stick the correct letters to make the word.

3.Write the word themselves!  Children who are struggling to write could make the word with magnetic letters instead!


Thank you so much for looking at my resource!  I love to see my resources in action, so please tag me on Instagram (@no_worksheets_allowed) to show me how you use the activity!


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Phase 2 High Frequency Words Cut and Stick

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