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Teach children to read phase 4 words (including the high frequency words) with this fun pack!  Children should say the sounds as they drive their toy car past the trees and then blend them together to read the word.


Road mats with the following words are provided:


•Decodable Words (1 word per mat): went, help, it’s, just, children, lamp, best, soft, chimp, shelf, paint, wind, toast, think, beast, from, stop, frog, trip, flag, twin, swim, glass, green, train, spoon, clown, star, sport, brush, crisp, spend, twist, grunt, frost, shrink, crunch, slept, spring, street


•Tricky Words (2-4 words per mat): said, so, like, some, come, have, do, were, there, little, one, when, out, what


Ideally, the mats should be printed out on card and laminated for longevity.

Phase 4 Phonics Blending Activity


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