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Activity pack for teaching the 25 phase 5 high frequency words (decodable and tricky words).  Simply laminate, cut out and have fun!  The resources have a bright spring/summer design and are also provided in black and white, to cut back on printing costs!


The following are included:

•Word cards - use for whole class/group/independent activities.  They could be used to play a bingo or pairs game.


•High frequency word board game – place playing pieces on start, take turns to roll a die and make your way around the board, saying the words as you go!  Who can be first to reach the flowers?


•I spy game - search for and read tiny words in the spring picture, using a magnifying glass.


•Roll and read game - roll the die and read the words in the matching column. 


•Word spinners – spin the spinner and read the word.  Children could also write the word on a whiteboard.


•Countdown game – set a timer - how many words can the children read in 1 minute? 


•High frequency word race game –4 player game: laminate the board.  Place a playing piece on each ‘START’ position.  Take turns to roll the die & say the word you land on.  Who can reach the end first?


Thank you so much for looking at my product!  I love to see my resources in action, so please tag me on Instagram (@no_worksheets_allowed) to show me how you used the activity!


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