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With this FUN activity, segmenting CVC words will be as easy as ABC for little ones!  We all know that sloths are sloooow, so if your class act like them and stretch each word out sloooowly they will hear the sounds to spell them!  Just make sure that they don’t hang around and fall asleep when they should be spelling!  


Included are 52 pages in total:


• Page of segmenting activity ideas;


•Super sloth segmenting poster to display;


•50 A4 CVC segmenting cards: look at the picture on the card and slowly stretch the word out to spell it.  Children could make the words using magnetic letters or play dough.  Alternatively, they could write the letters.  If you laminate the cards you’ll be able to use the activity again and again!


•The words which are included on the cards are: bag, bat, cap,/hat cat, fan, gap, ham, tap, map, pan, bed, hen, leg, net, pen, ten, vet, wet, peg, men, bib, fin, lip, lid, pig, sit, wig, zip, dig, pin, box, dog, fox, rod, hot, jog, log, mop, pod, pop, bug, bus, hug, cup/mug, sun, bun, cut, hut, mud, nut.


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Phonics CVC Words Segmenting Activity

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