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10 Awesome Activities for Teaching 2D Shape

Updated: Jun 25

When it comes to teaching 2D shapes, hands-on activities are a great way to engage young learners and the perfect way to help them learn the shape names and properties. Here are 10 fun and interactive activities that you can use at home or school to teach 2D shapes:

2d shape painting outside using water and a brush

1. Shape Painting

Children can paint their own pictures of 2D shapes on paper. Alternatively, they can just use water and large brushes to paint large shapes on the ground outside - less mess to tidy up!

2d shape activity using a piano

2. Musical Shapes

Place 2D shape stickers on the keys of a keyboard. Encourage children to say the shape names as they press the keys. They could make up a tune and draw the shapes so that their friends could learn to play it too!

free 2d shape bingo activity for children

3. Shape Bingo

Create bingo cards with different 2D shapes and ask children to identify the shapes as they are called out. You can find ready-made bingo cards in the No Worksheets Allowed shop!

2d shapes loose parts activity

4. Loose Part Shapes

Provide A4 printouts of 2D shapes and ask pupils to cover each of the sides with loose parts. Examples of loose parts to use are feathers, conkers, shells and buttons. Click for loose part shape mats.

2d shape printing activity for children

5. Shape Art

Encourage your class to create art using different 2D shapes. They can use stencils, shape sponges, gummed paper shapes or shape stamps.

2d shape art using pipe cleaners

6. Shape Build

Provide children with a pipe cleaners or pieces of spaghetti. Which 2D shapes are they able to make? Encourage children to describe the properties of the shapes as they undertake the activity.

geoboard 2d shapes activity

7. Geoboard Shapes

Ask children to make different shapes using elastic bands and geoboards. Provide a set of 2D shapes to help them and talk about the number of sides and corners.

image of child on a shape scavenger hunt

8. Shape Scavenger Hunt

Hide 2D shapes around the classroom or outside and ask your class to find and identify them. They could sort the shapes into sets, according to the number of sides or corners.

2d shape playdough activity

9. Shape Playdough

Provide pupils with playdough and 2D shape mats and ask them to create the shapes using playdough. This activity gives children a fine motor workout too!

2d shape fuzzy felts activity

10. Fuzzy Felt Shape Art

Using a set of 2D fuzzy felt shapes (you can buy a set or make your own like I have), ask children to create their own picture of anything they like. Can they write a caption to go with the picture, describing the shapes which they have used?

By using these hands-on activities, you can make learning about 2D shapes fun and engaging for your class!

Free Fun 2D Shape Resources

Click now for these free resources:

Hammer that Shape! Call out a shape name - children hit the correct one with a toy hammer!

Buy Engaging 2D Shape Resources

You can also find a range of interactive 2D shape activities in the shop:

Drive and Learn 2D Shapes: drive a toy car along the road and name the shape you pass.

Shape Tracing Road Mats: drive a toy car around the outline of each shape.

2D Shape Watches: children colour their watch, cut it out and wear it for the day!

Shape Challenge Cards: place these cards in your continuous provision as challenges.

2D Shape Posters: ideal for display boards, or use with the whole class or groups.

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