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A Fun Approach to Multiplication

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Want to make multiplication fun but don't know how? Discover our selection of engaging activities for teaching multiplication. Using resources or items which are easily sourced, your kids will soon be on the way to mastering their tables!


Using arrays is a great visual way to begin to teach multiplication. Children can easily see that multiplication is the same as repeated addition. Children can use a muffin tin, an ice cube tray or Connect 4 as a frame and make their arrays with pom poms, counters or marbles. Another great way to show an array is to choose a domino and then multiply the two numbers using a matchstick array. When working out multiplications, children should be taught that it doesn't matter what order the numbers are in.

Fact Fluency

Twister multiplication game
Twister Tables

Twister is a fun way to learn multiplication facts. Simply write the tables which you are focusing on, on pieces of paper or sticky notes and tape/stick them to the circles. Play the game as you usually would but solve the tables as you go! For example, if your right hand lands on red, you must work out the multiplication on the circle which you place your hand.

spinner activity

Spinners are super easy to make! Use a compass to draw a circle on card, or draw around something circular. Cut the circle out and then split it into 12 parts. Write the numbers 1-12 in each section. Next, take a paper clip and put the point of a pencil through one end. Decide which table you are practicing and then flick the spinner. If you are working on the 2 times tables and the spinner lands on number 5, you would solve 5x2.

multiplication dice activity
Roll n Solve

Roll n Solve is a great game for children to play on their own or with a partner. You need to create a grid and fill each box with the multiplications which you are currently teaching. In the top row, add spots to represent each of the faces of a die. Children then roll a die and solve all of the multiplications in the corresponding column. A FREE copy of this activity can be found here in the No Worksheets Allowed TPT store.

12-sided dice are perfect for learning multiplication facts. You need two dice and you might want to put them in a clear container, as shown in the clip. This will help with stray dice! Children shake the dice and solve the multiplication which is created!

multiplication activity
Spin and Cover

This is another version of a spinner activity. Use the instructions given above to create a spinner, choose which table to practice and then make a grid showing all of the answers. Children spin the spinner and cover the answer using counters, gems, cubes, etc. Follow the link for a variety of engaging hands-on learning activities in our shop.

Fun Multiplication - What Next?

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