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Teach your class to measure length using a centimetre ruler.  Children will learn to measure classroom objects using standard measures.  Fun hands-on learning for your maths lessons!


  • A set of 28 activity cards are included in colour (4 cards per page).


Children measure a range of readily available items: pencil, crayon, glue stick, scissors, highlighter, rubber, tissue box, pen, paintbrush, clipboard, book, paints, sharpener, tape dispenser, paper clip, sticky notes, hand, shoe, stapler, bottle, pencil case, calculator, glue, paper, cube, brick, chalk and small whiteboard.


  • Differentiated measuring sheets are also included (2x measuring/ 2x estimating and measuring).


I hope that you enjoy this product!  If you do, I would love to hear your feedback.  Thank you for supporting my small business! 


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Measuring with a Centimetre Ruler Activity Cards


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