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Teach your class to measure length using non-standard units.  Children can measure classroom objects using either cubes, paper clips or bricks.  Fun hands-on learning for your continuous provision or groups.


A set of 20 activity cards is included in colour for each of the following:


•Measuring using cubes

•Measuring using paper clips

•Measuring using bricks


Children measure a range of readily available items: pencil, crayon, glue stick, scissors, highlighter, rubber, tissue box, pen, paintbrush, clipboard, book, paints, sharpener, tape dispenser, bag, sticky notes, hand, shoe, stapler and paper.


A set of differentiated recording sheets is also included (measuring/estimating and measuring).


I hope that you enjoy this product!  If you do, I would love to hear your feedback.  Thank you for supporting my small business! 


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Measuring with Non-Standard Units: Activity Cards

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