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Teach your class all about forces with these hands-on activities, investigations, emergent reader and more!  Learning about pushes and pulls has never been so much fun!  Included are the following:


•Introduction to theme and objectives/aims.

•Pushes and Pulls Around the Classroom: activity and  2 differentiated recording sheets included.

•2 Push or Pull Activity Sheets: to use as homework/extension work.

•Push or Pull Different Speeds: playground activity ideas.

•Push or Pull Different Directions: outdoor activity ideas and 2 differentiated recording sheets.

•How Far: ramp investigation with 2 differentiated recording sheets.

•Marble Run: marble run investigation with 2 differentiated recording sheets.

•Push and Pull word mat (in colour and B&W): use this word mat with writing activities.

•‘Push or Pull’ emergent reading book: provided in colour and B&W.  You could print the pages back-to-back and use the book for guided/independent reading.  Alternatively, the pages could be printed out separately and used for a display.


If you decide to buy and have a spare minute, I would really appreciate it if you could provide some feedback.  Thank you for supporting my small business!

Pushes and Pulls/Forces and Motion Activity Pack