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Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s: 10 Awesome Activities

Updated: Jun 27

What is Skip Counting?

Skip counting is simply counting forwards or backwards by a number other than one. It is also known as counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, etc. If you're bored of the same old skip counting worksheets, why not shake things up and download your free counting in tens bingo dabber mazes now!

Skip counting threading activity

Why Teach Skip Counting?

Skip counting is a great strategy for counting larger groups of objects. It is a far more efficient way of counting how many sweets are in a bag for example. Skip counting helps children with calculation fluency and forms the basis of multiplication and division.

How Do I Teach Skip Counting?

Explain that when counting in groups of 2, 5, 10, etc. we keep adding the same number each time to the previous number. So far we have been used to adding just one each time when we count but now we are adding a greater amount. Practice skip counting using pairs of gloves, money, boxes of pencils or groups of children! It also comes in handy for telling the time, for example, counting 5 minute intervals on a clock.

Which Activities Can I Use to Teach Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s?

skip counting flash cards

Flash cards are a good introduction to skip counting. Children can get used to the number sequences by placing the flash cards in the correct order. They can also be used as an eye-catching display!

skip counting picture puzzles

Picture puzzles are a lovely hands-on way for children to develop their skip counting skills. They also have the added benefit of allowing children to self-check their work and gain immediate feedback!

skip counting lacing activity

Lacing activities are a fun opportunity for children to work on their fine motor skills as well as learning to skip count. Punch holes where shown and then ask pupils to thread a lace or ribbon through in the correct sequence. If printed on card and laminated, these discs can be used again and again!

skip counting clip cards

Clip cards are a really engaging way to work on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Children should look at the sequence, work out the missing number and then clip a peg onto the correct answer.

skip counting cut and paste

If you are looking for some physical evidence to demonstrate that a child understands the concept of skip counting, then these cut and paste activities are perfect! They can also be used for assessment purposes.

skip count the room activity

Get your class up and moving with this fun resource! Hang the missing number sequences around the classroom and give each child a differentiated recording sheet. They should then work their way around the classroom, writing down the missing numbers on their sheet. Alternatively, place the sequence cards on tables and rotate your groups every ten minutes until they have completed all of the activity.

skip counting mazes

This activity is also a-maze-ing if you require 'physical' evidence to show that a child can skip count! They can use a bingo dabber (or a pen/crayon) and help the spider to find their web. A Google Slides™ version is also included with this resource.

skip counting books

Use these mini maths books in your guided maths sessions. Print out a copy for each child and work your way through the questions in the teacher guide. A Google Slides™ version of this resource is also available in the No Worksheets Allowed Teachers Pay Teachers store.

skip counting digital activity

Not only will children be working on their skip counting skills with this activity but also their typing skills! Upload the resource for your class to complete during lessons or as homework.

skip counting click and drag digital

Another engaging activity for use with your Google Classroom™. This time, children click and drag the numbers at the bottom of the screen into the correct position. Easily differentiated - just select the relevant slides you wish to assign to each group!

skip counting activity bundle

If you love the look of all of the activities shown and would like them all at a discounted price, then this is the resource for you! This huge bundle contains printable activities and activities for use with Google Slides™.

Short on time and money, why not download your free counting in tens bingo dabber mazes now!

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