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Phonics Continuous Provision: 10 Activities

Updated: Apr 17

Imagine if you didn't have to spend hours creating activities for your phonics continuous provision. Imagine if there were quick and easy set ups, using resources which you already had to hand! Guess what? There are! Here are 10 phonics activities to save your weekend!

1. Roll, Read, Cover Sounds

Choose how many sounds you would like to focus on and use either a 6, 10 or 12-sided dice. Make a grid on a piece of paper and write a grapheme in each section of the grid. Children should roll the dice, say the sound and cover it up. I've gone with an autumnal theme here and used conkers! Reusable dry erase pockets are perfect for protecting your phonics sheets and activities. A great selection of phonics resources can be found here.*

phase 5 phonics activity
Roll, read and cover phonics sounds.

2. Drive and Decode Words

Children drive a toy car past the sounds, they say them out loud and then blend to read the word. If they are struggling to blend, ask them to drive and say the sounds a little faster. You can either make your own... or save time and buy my phonics drive and decode mats! There are also train versions in the shop, so look out for those too!

phonics phase 2 high frequency words activity
Drive and decode high frequency words.

3. Phonics Planes

These phonics planes are sure to be a big hit with your class! Choose which high frequency words you'd like them to learn and write them on the wings of paper planes. Children then throw the planes to each other and read the words! This is a fun one for outdoors!

Paper planes with phonics high frequency words written on them.
Little ones will love flying their phonics planes!

4. Read and Write Phonics Mats

Write a word which you are practising on A4 paper, with space below for the child to write it too. Place the sheet inside a reusable wipe clean pocket and leave out for your class to have a go!

phonics high frequency words activity
Learn to write the phonics tricky words.

5. Reading Ramps

Another super easy, yet fun and engaging set up! Write your phonics focus sounds or words at different intervals on a piece of card. Children send a car down a ramp. They read the sound/word which their car stops on.

Car rolling down a ramp onto phonics high frequency words.
Hands-on and engaging for your phonics provision!

6. Phonics Carpark Mats

Another activity for car fans! Children drive a toy car around the carpark. When they've chosen a space, they read the sound or word!

Carpark mat activity with sounds written on it.
Park and Read!

7. Bingo Dabber Words

Write out your phonics high frequency words in bubble writing. Draw little circles inside the letters. Children use a bingo dabber to dot the letters! There are bingo dabber activities available in my Etsy shop.

bingo dabber words activity for phonics
Dab and read the words.

8. Swat That Fly!

Swat those pesky flies with this fun activity! Your class will use a fly swatter to swat their sounds and words. If you don't have a fly swatter, make one out of thick card! Simply call out a sound or word and children search for and swat the correct fly!

phonics activity using fly swatters and images of flies with letters on them.
Swat the pesky flies!

9. Spin, Read, Write Tricky Words

Write your tricky words out around a piece of card. Place a fidget spinner (add a little card point to act as an arrow) in the middle of the card. Children spin the spinner, read the tricky word and then write the tricky word! They can write on whiteboards, chalkboards or paper. Alternatively, make the words using magnetic or wooden letters.

Fidget spinner phonics activity
Spin, read and write!

10. Drive and Write Letters

Help your class to learn to form their letters correctly with these useful letter mats. Drive a toy car around the letter, starting at the go sign and finishing at the stop sign. If they prefer, children can use a dry wipe pen to write over the laminated letters instead!

car mats for children to learn to form letters correctly
Great for handwriting practise.

What Next?

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